Salon Zürcher:
Out of Town

Heiner Contemporary is thrilled to participate in the 5th Edition of Salon Zürcher. Titled Out of Town, the fair seeks to represent the art world outside of New York City.  Zürcher has invited six galleries from different cities in the United States to participate, offering visitors an intimate alternative to the large-scale fairs during the Armory week in New York. Other participants are Andrew Rafacz (Chicago), Anthony Greaney (Boston), Gallery Diet (Miami), Romer Young (San Francisco), and Vox Populi (Philadelphia).  Heiner Contemporary will showcase work by Rachel Farbiarz, Avery Lawrence, Jon-Phillip Sheridan and Satomi Shirai.


Zürcher's "Out of Town" Welcomes Armory Week to New York
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Galerie Zürcher

Salon Zürcher: Out of Town
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